Working with PHNs

Working with primary health care providers and Primary Health Networks (PHNs) nationally is core business for Larter. Our consultants have worked with PHNs, both in rural and metropolitan settings across Australia.

We have supported PHNs to plan and assess their service design and delivery in response to local, national and global challenges. We understand systemic gaps and challenges but also strategic opportunities and future policy directions. 

We are used to working strategically and sensitively with primary health and place-based stakeholders and consumers. We collect strategic insights, synthesise and co-design recommendations, and help PHNs persuade and influence decision-making.

Larter Consulting brings a clear mind, unique perspectives, practical advice and relentless attention to detail to every brief.

Our approach makes every consulting project unique – we listen carefully, think deeply about the best approach and collaborate to design a solution.

Our objective is to deliver a pragmatic solution that works within its unique context. An extension of your team, our experienced people are optimistic, capable and reliable.

We share your objectives and values and are aware of the many factors that impact policy, practice and communication.

What can we do for PHNs? 

  • Needs assessments and service mapping
  • Projects that respond to the current policy reform agendas and consumer-driven quality improvements (in terms of access, satisfaction, experiences)
  • Development of commissioning strategies for primary mental health care; after hours care; alcohol and other drug care; community-led multidisciplinary models of care
  • Integrated regional planning and co-commissioning (PHN and Health Networks/LHDs)
  • Strategic mental health reform positioning
  • Co-design and consultation (e.g. after hours or mental health co-design)
  • Business resilience strategy, economic modelling and training for general practice (e.g. GPs/general practice teams, quality improvement, aged care, mental health)
  • Evaluation
  • Suite of evidence-based education modules

So far, we have undertaken work with more than 50% of the PHNs nationwide. This builds on work with other entities stretching back to 2008.

To discuss your needs and what we can do for you, contact us on 1800 527 837 or