Primary mental health care is a changing landscape in 2017

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Larter offers a range of consulting and education services tailored to meet the needs of professionals and practices within the primary mental health care space. The landscape of primary mental health is rapidly changing, with new reform announced and the expectation that many Commonwealth-funded programs will be commissioned. Our highly skilled consultants can support your organisation to remain abreast of new policy and new reform, be prepared for commissioning for services and support program review and evaluation.

Our consultants have extensive experience in general practice, mental health, youth, and drug and alcohol – both from project development and clinical perspectives. Our packages include consultation services, training, practice support and program development. We can support primary care services to efficiently and effectively support their clients and community to achieve better mental health and wellbeing.


Program development

Larter’s consultants can provide primary mental health providers and organisations with support in program scoping, design, planning, implementation, review and evaluation. Larter has worked with small and large organisations to build their mental health programs. Some examples of our work include:

  • Program evaluation for Partners in Recover programs
  • Statewide White Paper for Partners in Recovery
  • Development of primary care business models for public mental health services
  • Strategic program review for preparedness for mental health reform and commissioning
  • Service mapping and online mental health services directory
  • Population health analysis and needs identification

Preparedness and responding to service commissioning opportunities
Larter can provide workshops and tender writing for organisations, alliances, consortia and partnerships who may be considering tendering for mental health program service delivery.

  • Mental health and primary care reform and commissioning
  • Introduction to commissioning and the commissioning cycle
  • Business structures and modelling for mental health clinicians and consortia
  • Writing successful tenders

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Larter can work with individual general practices to implement mental health practice more efficiently and easily. Our practice support includes:

  • How to confidently and easily implement mental health care business models within general practice
  • Item numbers and templates made easy
  • General trouble shooting with staff and GPs
  • Shared medical appointments for brief group therapy

Talk to Peter to discuss your practice needs in navigating mental health reform.


Using Medicare for mental health care

There are a range of Medicare items available for mental health care in both general practice and allied health settings, yet clinicians’ understanding of them and the Medicare rules is sub-optimal. Judicious use of Medicare items can both increase access to care for people with mental illness and improve the business case for providing timely, best practice mental health care.

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