Larter rebranded.

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Larter represents progress.

Our clients are heroic, delivering primary health services and programs – under tremendous pressure – to people in need across Australia. Looking to the horizon, we help them design policies, find pathways and access resources. Eagle eyed, socially aware and capable: we are an ally in the development of a stronger primary health system.

The Larter logo.

Our logo – the Larter Riverstone – represents the certainty we bring to our clients and their stakeholders in a constantly shifting policy, economic and health context.

A river surges and subsides, often unexpectedly, perpetually shaping the stone. But riverstones are resilient, their shape reflects adaptation to the changing currents.

With its bold yellow colour, the Larter Riverstone embodies our energy and a relentless optimism that, with our clients, we can build a stronger primary health system.

It’s what drives our company and our people.